Did Peter Jones Invest In Bitcoin Revolution?

Peter Jones is a British business person, finance manager and unscripted tv character. He is the final unique financial backer on Dragons Den. Peter Jones started his excursion in the business world at the youthful age of 16. Throughout the long term, he has developed his realm to a prong of $489 million, as indicated by a 2019 private valuation. It isn’t amazing that there have been reports circling on the media that Peter Jones put resources into Bitcoin Revolution. Given his celeb ity status and business intuition, connecting his name with the Bitcoin Revolution would mean moment accomplishment for the innovation and obviously the development in notoriety would come for the time being. Notwithstanding, we can’t affirm that these cases are valid and we have discovered no connection between Peter Jones and Bitcoin Revolution.

Did Deborah Meaden Endorse Bitcoin On Dragon’s Den?

Deborah Meaden is a British financial specialist who ran a multimillion-pound family occasion business. She has showed up on Dragons Den as a financial backer various occasions. It has been accounted for that Deborah Meaden claims 29 organizations. She is assessed to be worth around 40 million pounds. There have been reports that Deborah Meaden freely supported Bitcoin in one of the scenes of Dragons Den. We have not discovered any of these tales to be the case.

Did Theo Paphitis Endorse Bitcoin On Dragon’s Den?

Theo Paphitis is a British Greek-Cypriot retail head honcho and business person. He is notable for his appearances on Dragon’s Den and as previous administrator of the Millwall Football Club. Theo Paphitis has made most of his fortune in the retail area and his assessed total assets is around GB£301 million. He was highlighted on the 2019 Sunday Times World’s Richest List. There have been reports that while Theo Paphitis was on the Dragons Den Tv reality arrangement, he freely supported Bitcoin as a worthwhile digital currency. Nonetheless, we have discovered no alliance between Theo Paphitis and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trading Technologies And Scams

There is a solid probability that outlets spreading these reports and bits of hearsay are doing so intentionally. Subsidiary advertisers regularly influence well known television reality arrangement in their notices. While the items and agents they are advancing may not be tricks, their strategies make individuals partner it with tricks. For instance, CFD exchanging stages are usually connected with tricks like the Forex business, yet the Forex business is ill-conceived and feasible, just the business tormented with con artists and these tricksters discolor the standing of Forex.

We have curated numerous Bitcoin surveys and a large portion of them have been centered around breaking down these Bitcoin exchanging advancements. This incorporates how they work, advantaged, weaknesses and whether they are genuine. We suggest you read these audits prior to settling on a choice on whether it is a trick.


Bitcoin or some other related exchanging framework or innovation has never been pitched or embraced on Dragons Den. There is, shockingly, a variety of phony news coursing on the web and associate advertisers are utilizing well known financial specialists and network programs in their notices.

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