5 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Baby Shoes For Fat Feet.

Apart from apparel, shoes are one of the important things to purchase for your newborn baby. It is important to keep your infant’s feet warm and clean all the time. Here are some of the basic tips to get the right shoe baby shoes for fat feet size for your baby.

baby shoes for fat feet

First of all, prepare a measuring tape which reads in inches. Lay the measuring tape flat on the floor. Then, carry your baby to stand straight on the measuring tape and measure the length from toes to heel. If your baby can’t stand straight for you to measure correctly, you can have someone to carry your baby for you to measure.

Remember to jot down the measurement on a piece of paper. Always add extra ¼ or ½ inch so that your baby will feel comfortable. If the shoes are too tight, it might hinder the feet from growing as well.

You can always compare the measurement that you have got with the available baby shoes chart. The foot size for a newborn to 6 weeks baby is usually 3 ¼ inch; shoe size 0. From 6 weeks to 3 months, the foot size would be 3 ½ inch; shoe size 1. From 3 months to 6 months, foot size is 3 ¾ inch; shoe size 2. This is the basic guideline for you to purchase shoes for your infant.

There are lots of infant shoes that you can get in the supermarket or baby shops. If you don’t have sufficient time to go for shopping, you can always opt for online purchase. Just type the keyword ‘newborn baby shoes’ in Google search engine and a whole list of e-shops will appear within seconds. Look carefully at the descriptions and sizes before purchasing. This can be done within minutes and you can save all the hassle of driving out just to get a pair of shoes.

This is the basic guideline in searching for the right shoes for your newborn baby. Make sure to choose the right color as well. In the end, I’d like to share a cool website with more information on topics like a newborn baby and happy baby

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